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Mobile Marketing differs from other forms of marketing communication as it is user initiated. Meaning the consumer must express consent to receive communications.

There are many different forms of mobile marketing and it really depends on your communication message and target market on how you plan your advertising and cultivate your customers.

SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing services typically run off a short code, but sending text messages to an email address is another methodology. Short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers that have been assigned by all the mobile operators in a given country for the use of brand campaign and other consumer services.

MMS (Multimedia Message Service) Marketing can contain timed slideshow images, text, audio and video. This mobile content is delivered via MMS.

In-Game Mobile Marketing includes interactive real-time 3D games, massive multi-player games and social networking games.

Mobile Advergaming or Ad-funded mobile games are brands are delivering promotional messages or sponsoring entire games to driver customer engagement.

Mobile Web Marketing is advertising on web pages specifically meant for access by mobile devices.

QR Codes (Quick Response) act as a visual hyperlink to a page, QR codes enable a segway from a mobile optimized offer page and represent a powerful tool for initiating consumer engagement. QR Codes provide tracking to offline sources and offer online tracking.

Proximity Marketing is mobile marketing via Proximity Systems enabling special offers be sent via text to the phone.

Location-based Services are offered by some cell phone networks to send customer advertising to cell phone subscribers based on their location utilizing the GPS chip built into the phone.

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